Bridge of Remagen

Welcome to our homepage with which we would like to invite you on a journey through the history of the famous bridge. After the war, the bridge soon became a place of collective memory for an entire generation. As silent witnesses of the war, the bridge towers become a memorial for peace. All the dead and the many fallen in the fighting for the Remagen bridgehead are remembered. Peace is only possible in common memory of the horrors of war. For this reason, Hans Peter Kürten (Mayor of Remagen 1969-1994) came up with the idea of ​​a memorial. With the demolition of the bridge piers, he had the brilliant idea of ​​selling the bridge stones. The sale on March 7, 1978 raised so much money that the renovation of the bridge towers could begin. In 1980 a museum was opened in the bridge towers and at the same time the association "Friedensmuseum Brücke von Remagen e.V." which he chaired until December 2018.



Let us work for peace with hearts and minds every day.
Each start with themselves.

(H.P. Kurten - initiator and founder of the Peace Museum)